Montes Ferrei (latin) – Iron mountains

Race – for some an ultramaton, for others bikepacking and for others a sightseeing trip.

In 2024, the participants of the spring race will have two routes to choose from 270 km and 100+100 km. Riders on all types of bikes, runners and scooters are welcome.

If you are going to ride non-stop with only the necessary breaks to refill water and food or stop to rest and enjoy the sights and landscape, it's up to you. And all without outside support.

An unforgettable sporting and cultural experience awaits you.

Finish for all routes in Hlinsko. The event is without support, so take everything you need with you or get it YOURSELF along the way. The route is by GPX. Attention, be prepared, the route is taken outside of civilization.

There will be a mass start.

The Iron Mountain range is under the protective wings of the great owl.
Just as an owl glides silently and smoothly through a beautiful landscape, so will you glide along the trails.

About the organizer:

I have done many long bikepacking races and all these events have given me a tremendous amount of experience, self-discovery, pushing personal boundaries and, last but not least, many friends.

For those of you who would like to experience all of this, we have prepared the Montes ferrei race.

Which is Iron Mountains in Latin. And so the whole enterprise takes place in these mountains. You will get to know a region with many wonderful places that most people have no idea about. You will know and overcome your limits, which you have no idea about. You will meet new companions on the road, whether female cyclists, cyclists, scooter riders or runners.
So don't hesitate, we look forward to seeing you